Last updated: 2019/01/30

Paul James

Prof. Paul James

Melbourne , Australia

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Institute for Culture and Society, University of Western Sydney

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Professor of Globalization and Cultural Diversity, University of Western Sydney

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Paul James is Professor of Globalization and Cultural Diversity in the Institute for Culture and Society at the University of Western Sydney. He is on the Board of the Institute of Postcolonial Studies and an editor of Arena Journal, as well as an editor/board-member of nine other international journals, including Globalizations and Global Governance. He has delivered invited addresses in over forty countries and is author or editor of 35 books including most importantly, Nation Formation (Sage, 1996) and Globalism, Nationalism, Tribalism (Sage, 2006). His other recent books include Sustainable Development, Sustainable Communities (University of Hawaii Press, 2012) and 16 volumes mapping the field of globalization (Sage, 2006–2014). He has been an advisor to a number of agencies and governments including the Helsinki Process, the Canadian Prime Minister’s G20 Forum, and the Commission on Reception, Truth and Reconciliation in East Timor. His work for the Papua New Guinea Minister for Community Development became the basis for their Integrated Community Development Policy. From 2007 till 2014 he was Director of the United Nations agency, the Global Compact Cities Programme. His latest book is Urban Sustainability in Theory and Practice: Circles of Sustainability, (Routledge). This work on urban sustainability is linked to a number of cities around the world such as Porto Alegre on slum reclamation, Milwaukee on water resilience, and Berlin on climate change adaptation.

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