Last updated: 2019/01/30

Camille Toggenburger

Ms. Camille Toggenburger

Berlin, Germany

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Community manager | Policy Transfer Platform

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I am part of the team developping the Policy Transfer Platform which is an initiative led by the City of Berlin in cooperation with Metropolis and the Institute for Culture and Society at Western Sydney University.

I studied at the University of Sciences Po Paris in France and I spent one year as a scholar in the University of Leipzig (Germany). There, I developed a strong interest for urban transformation processes, in particular in the context of post-reunified Germany. Afterwards, I completed a masters degree in Urban Policies at Sciences Po Paris. During my master program and in my following experiences, I could already grab many insights from cities in France and Germany, dealing with various topics such as urban renewal, housing policy, social inclusion and diversity, international cooperation and networks.

In my position as community manager of this platform, you can contact me anytime through the internal messaging system for any comment, question or request you may have.

I can also provide editorial support for case studies, and I can help you find the most powerful insights from the platform. I also invite you to directly get in contact with other registered experts on the platform to share experience on projects and further gain expertise. 

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