Last updated: 2019/08/06

Renata Fenton

Renata Fenton

Mexico City, Mexico

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Isla Urbana

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Co-Founder and Design Director

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Renata Fenton is a co-founder and design director at Isla Urbana, a Mexican organization and company dedicated to re-imagining water supply and our role in city water management through rainwater harvesting.

Fenton is a social designer.  Her interests are in finding ways to apply socially and environmentally responsible design through multidisciplinary and participatory work within the urban context. A design activist, her experience includes product and systems design, water related technologies and capacity development.

Renata holds a bachelor's degree in Industrial Design from The Rhode Island School of Design in the United States and a double master's degree in Innovation, Design and Engineering from The Royal College of Art and Imperial College in London, UK.

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