Last updated: 2019/01/30

Liam Magee

Dr. Liam Magee

Sydney, Australia

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Institute for Culture and Society

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Dr Liam Magee is a Senior Research Fellow at the Institute of Culture and Society at Western Sydney University.  Liam's principal research interests focus on the application of digital methods to urban development and sustainability, and he currently investigates how mobile phone apps, online games, and simulations can work to build more equitable and sustainable cities. His interest in technology extends to its wider impacts on society, through its infrastructure, algorithms, practices and platforms. Liam is especially interested in forms of digital commoning, including open source software, open data and platform cooperatives. He has recently worked with the City of Sydney, City of Liverpool, Australia's national broadband provider nbnco, Google Australia, Save the Children Australia and Bangladesh, and a diverse group of partners in Hobart, Christchurch and Punta Arenas on a project called "Antarctic Cities".

Case studies from Liam Magee

Kolorob: Lighting up the City
Dhaka, Bangladesh

Kolorob: Lighting up the City

Kolorob is an online mobile platform that delivers access to information about local services. Currently focussed based in Dhaka, Bangladesh, it connects people living in informal settlements with essential service providers: schools, clinics, businesses, and government departments.

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