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Claudio Acioly Jr

Claudio ACIOLY

Nairobi, Kenya

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UN-Habitat - United Nations Human Settlements Programme.

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Head of Capacity Building and Interim Director Research and Capacity Development of UN-Habitat, United Nations Human Settlements Programme

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Claudio Acioly is an architect and urban planner, a development practitioner with more than 35 years of experience. He joined UN-Habitat in 2008 as chief Housing Policy, coordinator of the United Nations Housing Rights Program and the Advisory Group on Forced Evictions to the Executive Director of UN-Habitat - AGFE. As head of housing policy (2018-2012), Acioly led the housing policy work of UN-Habitat in countries such as Cuba, Ghana, Malawi, El-Salvador, Uganda, Vietnam, Nepal and Ecuador and was directly involved in housing policy planning and implementation as well as slum upgrading. He is the main author of UN-Habitat’s Housing Profile Tool and the Street-led Citywide Slum Upgrading Strategy.

Acioly is currently the head of Capacity Building of UN-Habitat leading global programs and initiatives linking capacity building, institutional development and policy change. Acioly has worked in more than 30 countries designing, managing and implementing housing projects, urban plans and institutional development programmes. As project manager and housing and land expert of the Rotterdam-based Institute for Housing and Urban Development Studies-IHS (1993-2008) he led assignments for bilateral, multilateral and international organizations such as World Bank, UNECE, UNDP and the Dutch Development Cooperation. 

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