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London, United Kingdom

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Apolitical is the first global platform for government that helps public servants find the ideas, experts and partners they need to solve societies’ hardest challenges. It's used by public servants from all levels of government, in 140+ countries, including mayors, ministers and former heads of state. 
Public servants globally are tackling common problems — from harnessing the potential of big data and AI, to generating local and equitable economic growth, or even overcoming internal bureaucracy. Now they don’t have to constantly reinvent the wheel. On Apolitical, they can read about the most interesting policy innovation from around the world. They can write about their own their own experiences, celebrating and getting recognition for their innovative and important work in government. And, they can also access the insights of thousands of peers and experts through Apolitical’s private network for policymakers — avoiding duplication and costly mistakes in their policies. 
You can join the network of policymakers and tap into their wisdom at: It’s free for policymakers. 

Case studies from Apolitical

Guide: providing support to women entrepreneurs
Munich, Germany

Guide: providing support to women entrepreneurs

With support from local government, Guide provides a specialised service to a growing population of female entrepreneurs in the city of Munich.

Progressive procurement: the policy and practice of Manchester City Council
Manchester, United Kingdom

Progressive procurement: the policy and practic...

The city of Manchester focuses its spending power to lock wealth into the local economy.

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