Last updated: 2019/01/30

Josep Canals-Molina

Josep Canals-Molina

Barcelona Metropolitan Area, Spain

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Sabadell City Council/IADB/UnescoChair on Sustainability/Fraunhofer

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Advisor in Public Space and Strategic Integrated Plannig

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Advisor in Public Space and Strategic Integrated Plannig

All my professional life I’ve been struggling for improving the lives of others whether as a poicy maker or an advisor to policy makers.

I do believe that Land planning ans strategical planning ara matters that has to consider the human aspects like social cohesion, zero poverty, economical but sustainable and equal growth for everyone according to their merits.

As a mayor or as a professional I’ve been working with others to make public spaces areas where people has to feel safe, comfortable, joyful, quiet specially if they don’t in their own private homes. An environment with quality is also a right that has to be preserved. I am working on it too.

Expert in waste, water and energy management.

Expert in public space policies.

A biologist (therefore holistic) way of seeing things.

Looking for new projects to work with you! See you around.

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