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eThekwini Communal Ablution Blocks for Informal Settlements
Durban / eThekwini Municipality, South Africa

eThekwini Communal Ablution Blocks for Informal...

In 2004, the municipality initiated the community ablution blocks (CABs) programme to provide communal water and sanitation facilities to un-served informal settlements in the urban and peri-urban areas of eThekwini.

Strengthening the Women of El Alto (Bolivia) through Cultivation of Agricultural  Products
El Alto, Bolivia

Strengthening the Women of El Alto (Bolivia) th...

The project for self-sustaining agriculture focuses on local families and especially on the women who have organized themselves in almost 600 community organizations in order to take care of daily issues in residential areas.

Medellín’s Metrocable – Mobility as fundamental factor of integrated and inclusive urban development
Medellín, Colombia

Medellín’s Metrocable – Mobility as fundamental...

In 2004, Medellín opened the first cable car as part of a public transport system worldwide. This gondola lift is supported by the municipality and embedded in an integrated urban development programme. It creates opportunities for the city's poor population and reduces marginalization.

Flood Information System of the State of Paraná, Brazil
State of Paraná, Brazil

Flood Information System of the State of Paraná...

The quality and timeliness of flood warning need to be improved in many places in Brazil. To achieve this aim a complex multi-level and multi-dimensional process is required. The State of Paraná in Brazil has undertaken such a process with promising results.

Integrated Action Program for Climate Protection in Munich
Munich, Germany

Integrated Action Program for Climate Protectio...

Munich aims to make 50-percent cut in CO2 emissions by 2030.

Delitzsch – An Energy-Efficient City
Delitzsch, Germany

Delitzsch – An Energy-Efficient City

Situated to the north of Leipzig, the town of Delitzsch is a model city of “energy efficiency”.

Andernach – The Edible City
Andernach, Germany

Andernach – The Edible City

Not only is the city of Andernach creating more quality in public spaces, but with useful plants and extensive greening measures, it is providing a healthy town climate and promoting crop plant diversity while providing a welcome change in the menu for its citizens into the bargain.

MoveWindhoek – New bus system makes Namibian capital mobile
Windhoek, Namibia

MoveWindhoek – New bus system makes Namibian ca...

MoveWindhoek is a new bus system with which poorer population groups are to be provided with better access to mobility and urban motorised individual transport is to be reduced in the long run.

Neighbourhood development based on equal opportunities in Krefeld
Krefeld, Germany

Neighbourhood development based on equal opport...

Through its pilot project Nachbarschaft Samtweberei (“Velvet weavers’ neighbourhood”) in the German city of Krefeld, the Montag Foundation for Urban Spaces is demonstrating how cooperation with the local authority can make socially sound urban development work.