The Sustainable Cities Collaboratory’s second interface meeting

Sustainable Cities Collaboratory (SCC) is a Metropolis pilot project led by the City of Berlin in collaboration with Western Sydney University. In April 2019, citymakers from Berlin, Brussels, Guangzhou, Johannesburg, Montreal, Sydney and Quito met in Córdoba, Argentina to strengthen their collaboration on practical roadmaps for sustainable urban development.  The primary focus of the meeting was a peer review process of a large-scale railway redevelopment project, The social, environmental and urban recovery of the General Belgrano railway premises in Córdoba’s city centre. This review process enabled international participants to provide local planners with collegial advice in developing and implementing their project.

The Sustainable Cities Collaboratory’s inter-linking approach

SCC is a research body that brings together the experiences and views of municipal officers, urban practitioners and academic researchers to develop principles and policies for good urban practice. The results of their work – practical guidelines for sustainable urban development – are brought to the attention of Metropolis’ members and other interested cities.

This collaborative process, involving a set of diverse stakeholders, offers a unique opportunity to develop practical pathways for sustainable urban development that consider experiences in varied contexts which are similarly applicable in different cities such as Guangzhou, Dakar or Montreal.


Córdoba as a testing ground

During the first SCC meeting in Berlin, each participating citiy presented a project with critical relevance to their city’s development for review, discussion and collegial advice. Citymakers from Cordoba introduced an ambitious and holistic urban regeneration project, the social, environmental and urban recovery of the General Belgrano railway premises, with a focus on providing education, leisure and social facilities for the most vulnerable groups in their city. Subsequently, the SCC accepted Córdoba’s invitation to conduct a peer-review of this emblematic project.  

At the April SCC meeting in Córdoba, participants had the opportunity to exchange information with technicians and political leaders, including Córdoba’s Mayor, Dr. Ramón Mestre. During several site visits, Córdoba’s citymakers demonstrated their approaches to the project, highlighting initial success stories and the challenges and barriers encountered. In open exchanges, participants drew parallels to similar projects and approaches from their own cities and provided ideas, inspiration and encouragement.


The role of the use platform

Citymakers at the Córdoba meeting emphasised the practical help, inspiration and contacts the use platform provides and made valuable suggestions for its evolution and development.

Among many case studies on the use platform, you will find SCC emblematic projects and can connect with the citymakers involved in their design and implementation.


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