Last updated: 2019/01/30

Sylvain Ducas

Sylvain Ducas

Montreal, Canada

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Sylvain Ducas, consultant in urban planning

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Urban Planner

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I have been working as an urban planner for close to 40 years, notably with the Ville de Montréal (Canada), where I have held positions as an urban and metropolitan planning manager and urban project manager for the past 30 years, holding the position of Chief Planner from 2013 to 2018. I have also discharged mandates at the international level, notably in Latin America and Sri Lanka. I am fluent in three languages – French, English and Spanish.

I firmly believe that the implementation of the Metropolis Action Plan is of paramount importance in the current global context, and that metropolises and cities have an integral role of play in this regard. In order to meet these targets, I believe local communities, cities and states will be instrumental to the proper implementation.

In my commitment to urban planning and land use management, in recent decades, I have emphasized the importance of pro-active planning based on a strategic vision of development. This pro-active planning, ideally, must be overseen by public authorities willing to ensure the public good, with the collaboration of the private sector. From this perspective, strategic planning and development objectives must be laid out in partnership with civil society stakeholders, and the means used to implement them must be determined. 

This method, which we established in Montreal during the past 25 years, focuses on the rebuilding of the city upon itself. Drawing on the objectives of the City Master Plan determined in the wake of public consultations, we executed urban planning operations across various Montreal neighbourhoods in a bid to consolidate existing sectors and transform others in need of revitalization through urban projects. I recently demonstrated this method at the Habitat III (October 2016) and Metropolis (June 2017) conferences, 

In a true desire to serve, therefore, I hereby offer my services and vast experience in the interest of ensuring the successful implementation of the Metropolis Action Plan.

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